How To Build A Successful Website

The Internet has become a Super Highway for information. With literally billions of websites out there it has become increasingly difficult to get your website noticed, let alone ranked on the search engines. But, here are 10 basic tips to get your website on the right track.

1. URL

Purchase a relevant URL. What I mean by this is if you are building a website promoting and selling dog food, then your URL should include this. Example - etc.

2. Spend Time On Your Website

Like the header says, spend a good deal of time on your site. If you need 3 weeks to build a professional looking website, then take those 3 weeks or longer if you have to. There is nothing worse than opening a website that is only half finished. Make it your pride and joy.

3. META Tags

META tags are part of what Search Engines use to rank and find your pages. So make sure to use META tags in your HTML. Study up on this it is important. TIP: You can find META tag generators by searching on the net. Type "META tag generator" into the search box.

4. Website Load Time

Your website should open in a matter of seconds if not instantly. So DON`T make your pages too heavy. If it takes 10-15 seconds, you will probably have lost a potential customer.

5 Don`t Clog Your Pages

Don`t go crazy with banners and advertising on your pages. I am not saying don`t have any banners or advertising, just limit them. You don`t want your website to look like a flea market. Keep it simple so visitors can focus on your main content.

6. Offer An Incentive To Your Visitors

Offer a free gift to people who come back to your website. Or even better, offer a free gift when they sign-up for your newsletter. Retain your visitors, they could become life long customers.

7. Keep Your Pages Consistent

The consistency of your pages is very important. You do not want every page to look different. Keep the colours easy on the eye. All of your pages should look the same. You don`t want to confuse the people who come to your website by thinking they are looking at a different website every time they open a new page.

8. Navigation

The visitors to your website should be able to go through your site (pages) without getting lost. Have an Index in the left or right hand column, so they know how to get "Home" or to the next page. Whatever page they are on they should ALWAYS know where they are.

9. Overlooked But VERY Important

Please check your spelling and grammar. It is ok to write how you speak but the above is very important. This is going to let the potential customer know that you are professional and you know what you are talking about. USE the spell checker and a dictionary.

10. Update Your Pages Regularly and Use ALT Tags

Once a week or so, update your pages to keep them fresh for the Search Engines Spiders. And for your visitors and customers. Don`t let your pages go stale. Let people know about upcoming or new products, events, sales etc. ALT Tags: For every link or picture on your website add an Alt tag. This is where you can put in a description about the link or picture. So when you put your mouse on the link a little box will appear under the navigation arrow explaining the link/picture. Also good for keyword rich phrases.

All of the above can give you a better chance with search engines. I am not going to say you will be ranked in the top 3 pages straight away but now you and your website are on the right track and have a fighting chance against the rest.

I hope this has helped.

all the best

Campbell Shaw

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