About Motto-eBusiness

Motto E-Business, a Singapore-based company, is set up to provide consultancy service to company who wants to bring their business online. Our team of dedicated staffs, having worked in this field for long time will be able to help.

Our methodology is simple to follow.

  • Define the purpose of the site.
  • Identify your targeted market.
  • Conduct a competition survey.
  • Define the feature of the site.
  • Identify keywords and keyword phrase.
  • Develope the site structure - sitemap.
  • Create the storyboard.
  • Build the prototype.
  • Complete the final design.

We start by brainstorming the concept on which the site is based, then we go on to research the keywords, keyword phrases to determine the most profitable keywords and phrases for use with your site content later on.

We also research on your competition to ensure that all the groundworks have been properly done before we embark on the designing of the website.

Finally, when time comes to launching your site, we will help you to submit it to most of the major search engines and to link exchange so to increase your site popularity.

We work closely with established site-builder, e-commerce hosting company and Internet Marketing Center and we will be able to provide you with solutions that will meet your needs.

You will be surprised how affordable it can be to bring your business online.

Over the years, we have gathered quite a fair bit of resouces that we hope will be helpful to you. After reading these ebooks, you will be fully equipped and ready to set up your online business. See our Resources section for details.

You will definitely need a lot of tools when you set up your website, if you want to D.I.Y. We have provided some free tools at our resources page for download which enable you to do research and helps you to monitor your site etc.

We also have a wide collection of products which will be helpful to you. We are promoting them because we have benefited greatly from using them.

We also offer a series of courses for you to gain some knowledge on various topics. Take a look at the Master Course Series which covers Work-At-home-Mum, WebMasters, Netwritting, Net Auction, Service Seller etc.

Our panel of writers will keep you updated on various aspects of the internet with articles in our articles section.

To contact us, Please email to enquire@motto-ebusiness.com.

Eddie Chiew is the Owner of Motto-ebusiness.com. He has, inspired and turned people into successful overnight through his skill and knowledge. Being the Owner/Webmaster of this website, Eddie Chiew has the rare ability to present complex information at a level that is easy to understand. He will help you understand ebusiness, internet marketing, website design, seo.

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